During A-levels, in between making an origami Buckminsterfullerene model (oh the wild hedonism of youth !), I decided at no particular time and for no particular reason, to draw nothing much in particular. That tradition has continued ever since, mostly during observing runs and in especially uninteresting seminars.

Quite a few more of these are still lying around in Cardiff, but since I don't have ready access to a scanner, they'll probably stay on paper.




Alternative Dominion Cards

Dominion was THE thing to do in the afternoon at Arecibo so we designed some alternative cards. I even bought some blank templates, but we never got around to actually printing them out. Oh well. These are just simple photoshopping jobs, nothing special. Thankfully, the more racist cards never even made it to the drawing board.

Turns your opponents to stone.

Why from the bottom ? Because he died of dysentery.

Also, anyone who plays this instantly loses the game, in accordance with Godwin's Law.




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