All About Rhysy

Way back in 2002, I spent a very long summer in between A-levels and University. Having nothing much else to do I decided to take up computer graphics. After messing around with many far lesser programs, I finally stumbled upon Blender and Terragen and have never looked back. I spent the next 4 years teaching myself CGI while doing an Astrophysics degree. Unfortunately (or not, depending on your point of view) I had to slow down drastically when I started my PhD, and also whenever a Total War game was released*.

* Except for Empire. That was rubbish.

I completed my PhD from Cardiff in 2010, having gained my MPhys there in 2006. Then I moved to Puerto Rico and spent two years as a post-doc working at the Arecibo Observatory. I esaped the jungle in August 2013 and moved to Prague, doing much the same thing but with less attacks from el chubacabra. My research involves looking for galaxies in the 21cm waveband, a process which largely consists of looking at static. However, by night I cast off this mild-mannered persona and assume my alter-ego, a mild-mannered CGI artist. I do occasional freelance work, and my art has been shown in places ranging from the Royal Society to the German televison channel ZDF.

I have no formal qualifications in graphics and the best I ever did at art classes in school was my one and only "B" grade at GCSE level. Fortunately Blender didn't have any features at all in 2002 so it was much easier to learn. I also maintain a YouTube channel and an increasingly active blog.


Finally, please note that my name is NOT pronouced as Russ, or Riss, or Rice, or Rize, or Reeze. It's Reess, or "Ree-sea" if you want to use my oh-so-witty nickname.

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