This is the original gallery and final animation. Some of it still looks interesting, I guess... most of it doesn't though. I keep it here for sentimental value only. If you want to make sense of the video read the accompanying blog article. The video (parts of which date from 2002) is really only for hardcore fans - like Wagner, it has some nice moments but mostly it's an awful quarter of an hour. Well, it would be. Christ, I was still a teenager when I started this. Scary.


Gods, this is ugly


This is even worse !




Well, it's very purple, so that's good, right ?


I suppose this is quite nice




Mind you, old Blender did have a unified renderer, which was quite handy sometimes


Suuuper lame




Teenage me, what were you thinking ? Didn't you realise about pornography ?


duuuunn..... duuuuhhhhhhh !.... DUUUUUUHHHHNNNNN !


Well, how exciting


You have NO IDEA how long I spent on that Earth


Procedural texture fail


Not a bad model but the textures... urrghh


Terragen planets : simple AND ineffective !


Part of my "bevel everything" phase, which made everything look worse and use ten times as much memory


To be fair, ... err... no. Just no.





"Clavius" base ? More like, "crappius" base ! hahahah


Because duplicating two rocks would have been difficult


Worst. Wormhole. Ever.


The star was one thing I got from this that was genuinely useful. I still use a modified version of it quite regularly.


4 seconds of this took HOURS to render, even at 480x360 resolution


Might have been a decent shot if I knew anything about camera movement


Fake volumetrics ARE fun, though


5 minutes per frame... agony.


Not bad apart from the overly-bright background stars


This little shot was quite nice, but unfortunately slow to render


A Mandelbrot plugin and fake volumetrics. I was a happy camper.


More Mandelbrot.








I also tried a couple of panormas. The first one is the inside of the space station's hangar. Unfortunately I was in my "BEVEL ALL THE THINGS !" phase, but here it is anyway :



The second one is the interior of the Orion III spaceplane (not to be confused with the Orion drive). I never had any intentions of doing any animations of this, it just seemed like something I should do. It was also probably my only experiment with radiosity.


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