I'm currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Astronomical Insitute in Prague. But since this is a graphics website, you won't want to hear about that. Or maybe you do ? If so, you can view my science C.V. here and complete publication list here. Below are some CGI highlights, but for see the rest of the website for much more. This section is only sporadically updated and likely very incomplete.



B in Art at GCSE level, Whitchurch High School, 2002

Mphys in Physics and Astronomy, 1st class honors, Cardiff University (2006)

PhD in Astronomy, Cardiff University, 2010



Python, IDL, Fortran 90



Blender, Terragen, GIMP, Topcat, kvis, miriad, IRAF, ds9, PhotoFiltre, Goldwave, Terragen 2, LaTeX.



FRELLED : A realtime volumetric data viewer for astronomers, Taylor R., 2015, A&C, 13

Visualising Three-dimensional Volumetric Data with an Arbitrary Coordinate System, Taylor R., 2017, PASP, 129



"Blue Marbles" videos comparing the planets of our Solar System featured on Universe Today, io9, the Mail Online, and I Fucking Love Science, with a combined total of over 100,000 views.

Up to 25% of my Arecibo salary could be drawn from a NASA grant to produce media for outreach and other purposes. I may be the only person ever paid by NASA to photograph a potato.

Strictly speaking this is not CGI, but check out Space Nessie which was featured on Discovery News, The Scottish Sun and Fox News.

Galaxy size comparison charts featured in Ciel et Espace June 2013 and a special edition of Conozca Más June 2013.

Cover illustration for "The Unselfish Gene" by R. Douglas Burns

5 work-for-hire contracts with SpaceWorks Engineering (4 images and 1 animation)

Project Orion animation :
- Over 100,000 YouTube views
- Parts of animation used on ZDF's "Fascinating Universe" programme; images used in the book "Mars : From Myth and Mystery to Recent Discoveries" by Marcus Hotakainen, and the journal "Space Safety Magazine"
- Floor display in Herschel outreach exhibition at the Royal Society
- Planck website
- "The Sky at Night: Answers to Questions from Across the Universe" by Patrick Moore and Chris North
- Astronomy course at University of Ilinois
- Seattle presentation by Stephen Hawking (visible at 7 minutes)
Another "Timeline of the Uiverse" for the Mira public observatory in Belgium (6m wall display).
Images and animations produced for Arecibo AAS booths.

Cover image for IAU244 conference proceedings
I've been using Blender (and Terragen) for 10 years. Much of this time has been spent creating epic space scenes, but I've also dabbled in historical imagery and organic modelling from time to time. I've also developed Python scripts to employ Blender as a visualisation tool for galaxy simulations. Recently I've been working on using Blender directly in my own work by enabling it to view 3D, volumetric FITS files in realtime. And I still enjoy modelling spaceships.
I spent two and a half years experiencing life in Puerto Rico and the USA, where I dealt with doing science during a management change at Arecibo Observatory (the first time in its 48 year history). As well as surviving life with a bunch of irate scientists, I've also learned to deal with hurricanes, the unexpected theft of manhole covers, and even how to survive without the internet (but only just).
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