Got a question about image use ?

Most people who contact me here want to know if they can use any of my images - or any other materials - and/or under what conditions. My policy is : if you can download it from this website, you can use it for whatever you want, short of claiming ownershp or authorship. I'd very much appreciate a link back to this website, but there's not much I can do to stop you if you don't, and anyway I figure that sharing generally makes the world a better place. The resolution of most of these should be suitable for everyday printouts and the like.

Also, if at all possible, please do send me a link back to what you've shared. It feels cold, impersonal, and downright weird when someone politely explains what they want to do but never follows up afterwards ! And I like seeing how people react, which is difficult via website.

If, however, you need higher resolution images, these are not generally available for direct download. You can try clicking through the links to StockTrek to see if it's available for purchase there, or, since the contract with StockTrek is non-exclusive, you can negotiate directly with me. I don't generally give these out for free, especially for comissioned works as this would be unfair to the original client (as well as to me !), but it doesn't hurt to ask. Convince me of your cause and we can negotiate. :)

For comissioning new works, I recommend you get in touch.


Want the models ?

First, stop and think a moment about what you're asking here. Most of the models take hours or, in many cases, several tens of hours to produce. Some of them are even commercially viable, and not always for trivial sums of money. So if you're a stranger asking me to part with something I've invested so much time in and you want to have it for free just because you ask nicely, consider the risk I'd be taking. Basically it isn't going to happen - you might as well be asking for a stool sample. That said there are exceptions and I'll bear you no ill will whatsoever for asking.


... or do you just want to chat ?

Should you feel the need to contact me for this or any other reason, there's a very good chance I'll eventually respond. You may use the email address feedback@rhysy.net. But, if you don't trust me enough to give me your email address, fear not ! Thanks to the wonders of modern technology you may simply sign the guestbook and tell the entire world what you think of the site. Or just vent your anger if you like. I don't mind.

Want even more Rhysy ? I'm on various social media outlets and write several blogs, all of which you can find here.

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