Conwy Castle

I visited Conwy (north Wales) on holiday back in 2005. Before going I modelled the castle as if it were under siege. The real castle would have had whitewashed walls and so appeared quite different - here the wall material uses a photograph of the walls I took myself. I never quite finished this as intended; I wanted to have some more views with extra siege engines and a larger assaulting army. Back then my system specs didn't really make this feasible. Many of my earlier projects stalled not so much from lack of motivation as from the sheer inconvenience of rendering multiple passes very very slowly.

Terragen was used to create the terrain, which is only a very rough approximation of reality. I should have compromised the realism a lot more on this. The siege weapons are placed absurdly close to the walls and the attackers have nothing to protect themselves. The ballista at the foot of the stairs is quite nice though.

The castle itself was modelled on plans I found online, so it's pretty accurate. When actually walking the site, the one major difference I found was that the interior of the caslte feels much larger than is shown here (even allowing for the fact that many interior buildings are now missing).

Blender 2.3-2.4 particle systems can give surprisingly nice results, with enough tweaking. I wish I'd added some fireballs from the catapults though.

This shot is sort of almost there, but the lighting just isn't quite right.

The plan was to have a couple of trebuchets safely out of range, while the main army assaulted from the right with siege towers and scaling ladders. At that point I ran out of memory.


Kitchen, stables and well.

"Great" hall. I was quite pleased with this at the time (!), now I can see why no-one else liked it. It's HORRIBLE.

Whole castle.

Early test in nicer weather. Could probably have turned out alright with some more subtle Terragen textures.

Terragen can give so much better results if used properly. The registered version also helps.

Sunny weather is just not good for sieges. And why did I want the catapults to be so damn close to the castle ??

The render quality is not high, but I still like the angle of this shot.

The figures are fine for distant shots, but aren't up to the quality needed for close-ups.

The perrier was an anti-personnel catapult, deployed in large numbers and human powered.

Loading the onager.

Everyone loves trebuchets.


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