Orion-drive Discovery

During the early design phase of 2001 : A Space Odyssey, the idea was floated that the ship's nuclear propulsion should be somewhat more explcit than what eventually made it onto the silver screen. Specifically, the ship would have had an Orion nuclear pulse drive, probelling itself by detonating nuclear warheads (a.k.a. "pulse units") a few hundred meters behind it. There's a detailed write-up on my blog.



 Earth orbit - front view

  Earth orbit - rearview

 Earth orbit - top view 


 Jupiter system, as in the movie

 Saturn system, as in the novel


 Ship - front view 1

 Ship - front view 2

 Ship - top view

 Ship - bottom view

 Habitat module

 Rear view 1

 Rear view 2

 AE35 unti and magazines





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