FRELLED : The Complete Archive 

Complete archive of all FRELLED versions. All are designed for Blender 2.49 running Python 2.X with pyfits, numpy and matplotlib. Full installation instructions are provided in the accompanying manuals.

There's not much point in using older versions. The only feature missing from version 1 is the ability for the script to print the value of the pixel at the selected coordinates. In every other respect, the latest versions are just downright better. But just in case anyone wants them, here are all the versions in their entirety.

Major features are listed below. Full information can be found in the release notes accompanying each file, where available.



Can display FITS files in 3D / 2D inside Blender. Can interactively generate masks to hide and analyse sources, and output files for use with selected miriad tasks


Version 1

All scripts are internal to the FRELLED.blend files. This can make it difficult (maybe impossible) to install on Linux networks. Two separate files for viewing in 2D and 3D mode. User has to learn when to enable/disable scripts to view files correctly. User must use an external program to find a sensible data range to display. Files must have a WCS.


v1.0 'John Crichton' 2012/ 08 /31

Can view HI FITS files and catalogue sources.


v1.1 'Aeryn Sun'  2012 / 09 / 18

 Undocumented bugfixes for v1.0.


v1.2 'Rygel'  2013 / 03 / 17 

Can display SDSS RBS images within FRELLED, as well as flux maps and contours. Release notes.


v1.3 'Dargo'   2013 / 03 / 26 

Bugfixes for v1.2. Contours now optionally in Blender-internal format rather than images (nicer-looking result). 

Release notes.


v1.4 'Zhaan'  2013 / 03 / 29 

Bugfixes for v1.3. Release notes.


v1.5 'Bialar Crase'  2013 / 08 / 12

Bugfixes for v1.4.  Release notes.



Version 2

FITS-processing scripts are now external to the FRELLED.blend files - can be run on Linux networks. One file for both 2D and 3D modes. User must use an external program to find a sensible data range to display. In later versions, there is no need for the user to enable/disable scripts manually; user can alter display settings once the file is imported; files do not have to have a WCS.


v2.0 'Pilot'  2013 / 10 / 25

 All operations on FITS files now done by external scripts, for easy installation. Release notes.


v2.1 'Chiana'  2013 / 11 / 06

2 D and 3D modes combined into one file. Can colour FITS by velocity as well as intensity. Can alter display settings after importing FITS file. Can generate axes around regions for plotting figures. Release notes.


v2.2 'Scorpius'  2013 / 11 / 22 

Bugfixes for 2.2. Can display logarithmic intensity. Can normalise data by each channel. FITS file no longer needs a WCS. Can measure sum of flux in volumes of arbitrary shape. Optionally use seperate data ranges for transparency and colour. Release notes.


v2.3 'Moya'  2013 / 11 / 25

 No need to enable/disable scripts manually. More efficient GUI - runs automatically, buttons to switch between scrips. Release notes.


v2.4 'Talyn'  2013 / 11 /29 

Bugfixes for 2.3. Release notes.



Version 3

Simplified GUI. Can estimate sensible data range to display. Auto-import buttons for easier use. Ability to setup and render time-series and turntable animations. Later versions act as a GUI for mbspect.


v3.0 'Harvey'  2014 / 01 / 14 

Major GUI overhall, reducing to two scripts. Can set data range automatically. Auto-import button and simplfied operation. Release notes.


v3.1 'Jool'  2014 / 01 / 16 

Bugfixes for 3.0. Release notes.


v3.2 'Sikozu'   2014 / 02 / 11

Can setup and render turntable animations, and use a list of FITS files to animate a time series. Release notes.


v3.3 'Mele-on Grayza ' 2014 / 02 / 17 

Bugixes for 3.2. Imports filament network from a file, if it exists. Release notes.


v3.4 'Jothee'   2014 / 02 / 25

Bugfixes for 3.3.  Release notes.


v3.5 'Velorek'   2014 / 03 / 03

Can use mbspect interactively. Release notes.


v3.6 'Selto Durka'   2014 / 05 / 19 

Bugfixes for 3.5. Can import/export regions with WCS rather than image coordinates. Release notes.


v3.7 'Ploppy' 2014 / 06 / 18

Bugfixes for 3.6. Region sizes automatically truncated if they extend beyond FITS boundary for certain tasks. Release notes.


v3.8 'Sebacean' 2014 / 09 /10

Bugfixes for 3.7, restoring functionality under Windows. Auto-stretch data into a cube option. Improved normalising feature for viewing galactic HI. Partial support for galactic coordinates and cartesian projection type. Release notes.


Version 4

Parralelised code and pre-loaded images planes for much faster loading times.

v4.0 'Peacekeeper' 2014 / 11  24

File loading times (from pressing "Go !" to viewing the file) increased by a factor 5-7 in 2D mode and around 9 in 2D mode. Can load different files in different modes in the same Blender file and switch between them. Can updated alpha instantly. Ability to overlay vectors and n-body particles. Release notes.


v4.1 'Scarran' 2015 / 06 / 07

Bugfixes for 4.0, fixing a lot of problems with 2D mode. Ability to batch render time series and save display settings to a file. Release notes.


v4.2 'Hynerian' 2015 / 07 /07

Bugfixes for 4.1, fixing a lot of silly warnings. Compataibilty for the "Anaconda" Python distribution added. GUI now has smaller buttons for low-resolution monitors. Multi-volume rendering added ! Release notes.


v4.3 'Luxan' 2016 / 10 / 21

Bugfixes for 4.2, fixing more warning and a surprising number of outright crashes and errors. Added a new navigation button to centre the cursor on the peak intensity along the line of sight. Faster, less memory-demanding estimates of the data range. Release notes.


v4.4 'Leviathan' 2017 / 03 / 28

Bugfixes for 4.3, fixing problems importing masks from WCS and loaded simulation data with non-standard WCS header keywords. Prevents the user from selecting any part of the FITS image planes or other critical components, making it easier to select mask regions with the right mouse button. Release notes.


v4.5 'Delvian' 2017 / 06 / 12

Bugfixes for 4.4, especially with selecting regions and changing which part of the data was visible when changing projections in 2D mode. Also now gives much nicer-looking axes that are more suitable for presentation figures (but no paper colour mode yet). Release notes.

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