The Invasion of Cardiff

Old project (2006) showing Cardiff under attack by War of the World's (Jeff Wayne's version) inspired martians. Except for the first image, the gallery here is not important. The main goal was to create an interactive panorma where you can point the camera in any direction. The scene is Mary Ann Street, which happens to be a large-ish open space that's enclosed enough that modelling the whole thing wasn't too difficult. You'll need QuickTime to view the panorma (it's in .mov format but it's not a movie). The flying machines were based on the illustrations from the Jeff Wayne album, but I gave them rockets and duct fans because steampunk.

This is a very old project so don't expect too much. The aerial battle looks quite nice, and with hindsight I should have stuck with the dark grey look for the main street scene. Most of the models are decent enough by the lighting is crude (partially because everything was waaaay slower back in 2006). Oh well. The panorma is still fun to look at.

QT VR's are somewhat dated - I reccomend downloading this (right click, save as) to view it fullscreen. Shift and ctrl zoom in and out, left click and drag to look around.

Most of the street has changed considerably since 2006, although the cinema and hotels are still there. They've ruined my battlefield, as a famous general once said.

Links indicate that you can buy a hi-res image or print from StockTrek Images.

 Aerial battle

 Street test

 Handling machine

 Tripod front

 Tripod rear

 Tripod underbelly

 Fighting machine

 Challenger 2 tank

 Challenger 2 tank textured

 Martian destroying the CIA

CIA destruction close-up

 Simple Eurofighter model

 Simple Tornado GR4 model

 Martian flying machine

 Crappy martian

 The Big Sleep Hotel

 Harlech Court

 Jury's Hotel

 Central library building


 Cinema posters


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