Some projects require hours or days, others need weeks, months or years. Links to these epic works can be found in this section. 


   Discovery Orion-style

Another Orion variant. This one is closely based on an original concept art drawing for  2001 : A Space Odyssey. View the gallery here and the animation here. A detailed article is available on my blog. I'm rather proud of this one, it came out exactly the way I intended.

   The Unselfish Gene

Riding on the contuining, embarrasing success of Project Orion (which is now looking hopelessly dated), I was contacted by Robert Burns to produce a cover image. The novel involves a massive, 40,000 tonne Orion-drive spacecraft from the Moon salvaging supplies from a zombie-ravaged Earth, shortly before it gets utterly wiped out by a giant comet. View the gallery here. The image was made for the book's second edition, which you can buy here.

The Invasion of Cardiff

After seeing Steven Spielberg's rare but extreme foolishness, I was inspired to create my own version of the War of the Worlds. Set in modern-day Cardiff with Jeff-Wayne inspired tripods, handling and flying machines, and lots and lots of explosions. Not an animation but a QuickTime panorama – view the destruction of inner-city Cardiff as if you were there ! Download it or view it online here, and don't forget the image gallery here.

 Project Orion : A re-imagining

One of my more famous works, having over 130,000 YouTube hits and tens of thosuands more on various weird and wonderful websites, some less savoury than others. It's a short animation depicting the flight of a spaceship propelled by nuclear bombs from Earth to Mars. Incidentally, this grew out of my 3rd year undergraduate research project. I wrote a short accompanying article on my blog.

The main gallery can be found here : here.

The Siege of Conwy Castle

One year I went to North Wales for a holiday and decided to render Conwy Castle under siege as a result. The castle is pretty closely based on the real Conwy, the terrain is purely artifical - Britain not having free access to DEM files, unlike the US.Whether Conwy ever experienced a major siege, I don't know. View the gallery here.


The Iliad According to George

A bizzare spoof of the god-awful "Troy", this features better acting (i.e., none), dialogue (also none) and a giant rocket propelled sheep. What's not to like ? It also contains what was by far my most painstaking animation challenge -  about 200 soldiers engaged in combat. Truly epic.

View the gallery here, or go straight to the animation here.



A relatively small project, because it was done within a month. This was my entry in the scifi-meshes.com “Ferion” contest and won me 4th place (out of 20 something, I think). This ship is still among my most detailed creations, althogh it's completely trumped by the Baxterian GUT ship. View the main image here and a schematic render here.




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