Minor Projects

Most of these are old learning projects, although I still like the trireme (which I modelled plank by plank in between revision for exams, because it was relaxing). I keep them here for posterity rather than artistic merit.

Made for a battle scene that would have been waaay too much work

 Greek trireme

Rejected draft of a commercial project - I like this one better than the final version


 Burning longboat

For an elysiun weekend challenge

 Viking funeral

Volumetric effects without volumetrics


Glass effect without raytracing

 Glass pteranodons

Winner of an elyisun competition


My first spaceship ! From 2002 !

 USS Enterprise

 Viking fjord

 Greek temple

 Forest raptors

 Road raptors

 Raptor vs knight

Different modelling techniques. Left : box modelling. Middle : vertex-by-vertex. Right : sculpting.


 Triceratops head

 Tim the triceratops

 Tim in the desert

 Garden pteranodons

 Death star trench run

Ever notice how Trek shuttles are good at everything except landing ?

 Trek vs Wars




For birthdays and Christmas and whatnot. Although they're old, I generally spent longer on these, so they turned out better than most projects at the time.

 Christmas card '03

 Christmas caard '04

 Birthday card

 Christmas card '05

 Sheep vortex






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