Very occaisionally, I feel the urge to write Blender tutorials and provide helpful .blend files. Since this happens only rarely, and new versions of Blender come out every 4 minutes, none of these are probably helpful to anyone any more. But just in case I'm wrong here they are anyway.



Creating a Realistic Star

How to create the close-up stars seen in the 2001 and Warship projects by using dupliframes. Includes .blend files.

Quite nice explosions

A guide to creating explosions in blender. The links in the file don’t work any more so download the explosion files below. Covers small simple explosions and huge fireballs with an awesome faked volumetric technique by Macke.

Modelling the Martian Fighting Machines

A guide to modelling the Martian fighting machines using Blender’s subsurf feature.

Modelling Cardiff

A look at modelling Mary Ann Street for the Invasion of Cardiff project. Includes modelling buildings, using dupliverts to create flowerbeds, and creating a skybox with Terragen.

Triceratops skin

.blend file of the triceratops’ skin, which is one of my nicer organic texures. 1 packed image.

Small explosion

.blend file of the small explosion featured in the tutorial.

Huge explosion

.blend file of the huge explosion featured in the tutorial. May not work with Blender 2.46 and may be unstable.

Martian tripod

.blend file of the Martian tripod.


.blend file of a faked-volumetric star


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