Lists of links are invariably useless and this is no exception. That won't stop me from posting them anyway.





Download a free, open-source 3D graphics program that does everything. Do it now ! NOW !


A free landscape generator that does everything Blender doesn't. Ludicrously easy to use. Also has a preview of the super-advanced Terragen 2.

World Machine

A better way to generate (and manipulate) terrains for Terragen.


Too lazy to make your own terrains ? This program helps you use real ones, available as free Digital Elevation Models from the USGS. Unfortunately the program was -  incredibly - abandoned, but is still available for download.


Useful sound editing program. Shareware, but of the old school - meaning it's essentially freeware.


The GIMP sucks. This doesn’t.


Neat and simple way to losslessly join existing DivX movies together very quickly.





First-rate texture website, over 4000 images almost all of which are ready to use..


Another texture website, quality generally lower than Mayange but sheer, mind-blowing numbers more than make up for it.

Blender Texture CD

About 500 free textures, formerly sold on CD, now public domain.Few in number and rather small, but chosen specifically for CGI use. Another goody courtesy of the Blender Foundation !

USGS DEM files

Free 10m landscape files of the whole of the USA. Lousy Americans.


If you're stuck with the free version of Terragen, this awesome site gives you ready-made 513 .ter files of US national parks.


Atomic Rockets

A singularly unique and extremely comprehensive guide to building a spaceship.  

dowload.com music

Over 75,000 free MP3s of all generes – most relavent for me, lots of orchestral and soundtrack themes, from ancient music to modern-day compostions (by completely unknown artists – but good ones).

SpaceWorks Engineering

Commerical website that designs spaceships, or something. Very keen on asteroids. Should one threaten your house/city/planet, these are the people to call. Featuring artwork by little ol' me !


Site that promotes the use of nuclear power in space

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