Suicidal Adventure Land

My attempt at surrealism. A combination of every project I had going and more, it stopped when the file simply became too big to work with. I should resurrect it if only to see a Utahraptor on a trireme...

It started with a test of soft shadows. Ironically these were soon removed from Blender and not (to my lasting confusion) brought back for many years.

 Soft shadows test

The desk looked quite nice so I elaborated a bit. And stuck in on top of a column for some reason.

 Do not lean back on your chair

In for a penny, in for a pound... more columns, and also water. Even by this point the soft shadows were no longer available, but it didn't matter.

 More columns

Then I decided the entire thing should be in a giant stone bowl, with a huge transparent roof to keep the rain off.

 Add sunlight and a roof

Also, it should be really, really BIG.


In fact it should be terrifyingly massive.


It should be so big that it would be above the clouds. But these took several hours to render, so they don't get shown much.


The denizens of this world include little legless aliens who work for McDonalds.


Helen's desk, featuring a storm in a teacup.

 Helelen's Desk

The desk needed to be in a park. A very dangerous park, in keeping with the original table.

 Dangerous park

Daleks love slides. Everyone knows this.

 Dalkes  love ramps

The fondness of young Daleks for sandpits doesn't come up much in Dr Who.

 Dalkes also love sand

The park has a safety warning.

 Saftey second !

The park needed to be more dangerous.

 The park needed more danger

George, when not working at McDonalds, enjoys raiding villages.

 Viking George

Alien Vikings pursue an alien narrowboat around a lake, because why not.

 Vikings attack narrowboat

Daleks live in bungalows, obviously. Dr Who hadn't returned yet, so this was still legit.

 Daleks prefer bungalows

Near the residential area, an escalator.

 Who could resist free chocolate ?

The escalator, as advertised, does not go anywhere.

 Don't say I didn't warn you


Ambient occlusion got introduced at this point.

 Darth Vader...


 ... on a chariot pulled by a dinosaur

Darth Vader, on a chariot pulled by a steogosaurus, prepares to race a hut on hen's legs and a legless alien on a unicycle.

 ... racing a legless unicycling alien

The whole thing can be observed from a hot air balloon.

 Everyone loves balloons


An Escher-inspired house would have been incorporated into the scene, somehow.

 Escher FTW



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