I don't do a lot with Terragen these days. Rendering times aren't improved much with multi-core machines on Terragen 1, so HD images can still take hours. Terragen 2 is inherently slow anyway. Though it's undeniably powerful, T2 lacks the amazing intuitve interfact of T1, so I never really played with it very much.

The text links take you to hi-res prints and images available from StockTrek images.

Baringer Crater

The tallest mountain in America... and it's called Whitney.

Mt Whitney

Mt Whitney sunny

I hear it's nice when it's not exploding.

Mt St Helens

Mountain lake

 Grand Teton range

Trail Canyon

I have no idea where this is.


Careful ! Ginagorous image.

 Grand Teton range sunny


Well I guess they won't be doing any observations tonight.

Kitt Peak


Xanthe Terra

Talkeetna mountains

 Mt Trumph



My only experiment with T2.

Terragen 2 planet



Start with a flat landscape and make a reeeeeeally deep hole. This is what you get.




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