The Iliad According to George

Just as The Invasion of Cardiff was a response to a god-awful movie by a certain Steven Speilberg, so The Iliad According to George was a response to an even worse movie by Wolfgang Petersen. Troy was absolutely dreadful. Seriously, the Iliad was written nearly 3,000 years ago. It's one of the cornerstones of Western culture. You do NOT get to decide it needs improvements by killing off the wrong characters.

My friend Rhydian Payne created the alien George, who you may notice hanging around in a few other projects. George had many adventures, all, sadly, now lost (unless I've got them backed-up somewhere), which were animated far more skillfully than I could hope. Here, George takes up the mantle of the Greek hero Achilles (amongst others), while my own "Commander Keen" inspired alien Zog plays the part of Hector and the other Trojans.

Graphics wise this is - obviously - nothing to write home about. There are even typos in the credits, for heaven's sake. Hell, some of the backgrounds are blue instead of black because my monitor was unusually dark. That said, the battle animation was probably the most complex bit of animating I've ever done - 200 characters fighting each other over 4 seconds, all animated by hand. The other bit I still like is the Trojan sheep - the sound is just perfect, as is the timing of the final cut.















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