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VY Canis Majoris is a leading contender for the title of largest known star. Not the most massive or the brightest, but simply the widest. If we swapped it with the Sun, it would fill the orbit of Jupiter. The view from Saturn would be something like this :

Saturn's temperature would rise from a chilly -180 C to a lead-melting 550 C. At Uranus, the star would still absolutely dominate the sky, and that planet would soar from -220 C to a turkey-roasting 280 C.

At the outermost gas giant, Neptune, the star is still overwhelming. Neptune would no longer suffer the frigid -210 C it endures today, but instead have to endure temperatures of 180 C.

Even from the lonely sentinel Pluto, the star would still be much larger in the sky than the Sun is from Earth. Water wouldn't boil, but at 77 C (compared with the reality of -230 C) it would still be hotter than Earth's hottest deserts.

Finally, at the distance of the Voyager I spacecraft (the most distant man-made object, 120 times further away from the Sun than the Earth is), the star would still appear 12 times larger than the Sun does from Earth.


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