Rhys Taylor's home page
Science, Art and Data Visualisation

Welcome !

I'm a Welsh astronomer working at the Astronomical Institute in Prague, Czech Republic. On this site you can explore my scientific interests and digital artwork. It's currently under reconstruction and the full art section will be restored soon. Meanwhile, you can still learn about :

Science : I'm a radio astronomer looking for dark galaxies. Here you can learn all about these and my other scientific interests – tidal encounters, ram pressure stripping, and source extraction. 

Research : Learn about my day job(s), if that's the kindof thing that interests you.

Data visualisation : All about turning data into pretty pictures and the overlap between art and science.

Code : Collection of the more useful mainly-Python codes I've written.

If you're looking for the older version of this website, you can find an archived version here. Everything that was originally there is in the process of being restored : all the old Project Orion stuff, the Arecibo renderings, even that damn Solar System vortex gif... all of it. Meanwhile you can contact me directly using the form below, or find me at various places listed here.