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25th August 2023 : The ascent continues

Today sees the publication of the "Research Experiences" section, a.k.a. my C.V. I don't know if this will really be of any interest to anyone but it seems like a good idea to have it online. I'm hoping this will make it easier for me to update whenever I do something C.V.-worthy... usually I have to dredge my memory every year for the annual report to try and remember what it was that I did that year.

Astute visitors will notice the Source Extraction page is still under construction. That's coming next, followed by a Data Visualisation section.

18th August 2023 : We have lift-off...

Of a sort. In the interest in having something that's not a deathly void or mere placeholder, I've scrambled together a bunch of essential science pages. Keep in mind that this is an ongoing process and there are many statements referring to sections that don't yet exist. But at least there's something here beyond a mere placeholder "under construction" message, even if it is still very much under construction !

This rebooted version of my website, redesigned for the first time since 2008 (!) is much more science-oriented than the previous incarnation, which better reflects my main activities these days. Unlike my overly-lengthy blog posts, the sites here are intended to be short introductions to what I do and are aimed at a general astronomy-interested audience. Lots of this will probably be re-written...

Missing content

This site used to include all kinds of other stuff : Project Orion, visualising volumetric FITS files in Blender (FRELLED !), an annoying gif of the Solar System vortex, various renderings of the Arecibo telescope, and a bunch of Python scripts. And it's all coming back, I promise. Annoyingly, all the files are still online at their old addresses, but somehow inaccessible via web browsers. I've no idea why this is but a solution will be found one way or the other. Most likely I'll just re-upload and re-link everything.

If you were looking for any of that stuff - or anything else you think I might know about - you can contact me at feedback@rhysy.net (the contact form below is a placeholder and not yet properly operational). You can also find me at various places listed here - I'm active on the blogs and at diaspora.