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Research Experience

It seems to be a pretty standard thing to have a C.V. on one's science website so I'm going to jump on that bandwagon too. However, instead of putting in the usual two-page resumé, I'm going to use this space to maintain a really comprehensive list of all the stuff I've done. That way I'll be able to distil things down into whatever format ever happens to be needed.

The TLDR version : I'm a native of Cardiff, UK, where I completed my undergraduate and PhD studies. After that, in 2011 I moved to Arecibo, Puerto Rico, where I spent two and a half years as a postdoc. In 2013 I escaped to Prague in the Czech Republic, beginning as a postdoc and later becoming a staff scientist. I've been there in that capacity ever since and have no plans to leave anytime soon.

Education and Employment : My education and employment history, grants, awards, and observing proposals. Suuuuper boring.

My Publications : All my peer-reviewed publications, conference proceedings, and selected posters.

Technical Skills : Which telescopes I've used in anger, which software and codes I'm familiar with, stuff like that.

Outreach : Everything I've been involved with in at least a semi-official capacity for entertaining the public. Talks, videos, popular articles, photographing potatoes and what have you.

Conferences : All the conferences and workshops I've attended and helped organise, also seminars.