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This is a basically random collection of other, smaller projects I've tried. Mostly these are just simple models, a lot of them from my very earliest days of learning Blender back in ~2002.


While I backup everything fastidiously, many of the early renders are inevitably lost. But these ones at least survived. And surely it's a rite of passage to model the Enterprise and some Star Trek stuff ? 

Spaceship Size Comparisons

A single giant image comparing the sizes of most of the different spacecraft I've modelled.


My forays into the world of modelling organic forms have been limited to say the least. I prefer nice angular spaceships and suchlike, I don't even care for smoothly-curving surfaces too much. There was a brief period when I was into sculpting, which I found orders of magnitude easier than traditional box-modelling techniques and the like, but I never really went anywhere with it.